This year is shaping up to be the year of beautifully designed tech. So far this year the two main devices that have stood out are the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and more recently the LG G4 – this is not to say these are the only stunning devices.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung’s latest flagship device certainly changed the opinion of many who previously looked at Samsung as heavy on tech, low on design. Releasing the S6 and the S6 Edge was a big deal with their double sided Gorilla Glass 4 and the beautiful aluminium bumper.

The Edge has the added show piece of the double Edge display previously exhibited – one sided – on the Galaxy Note Edge.
The Edge design is sublime, not adding much functionality but plenty of aesthetic pleasure. It’s not too difficult to get used to and some how makes the screen appear larger and more immersive than the regular S6
The regular S6 is a good looking piece of kit as well sharing many design features with the iPhone 6. I’d go as far as saying that the design of previous Samsung devices may have been holding them back from increasing the competition between them and Apple.
All in the Galaxy S6 Edge is the first phone that genuinely excited me this year in term of looks – comes with pretty impressive specs too.


Recently announced (leaked) and released, LG’s follow up to the G3 hasn’t failed to impress. The slightly curved body along with the impressive leather back, including stitching, is a different take on luxury design. Something that wouldn’t look of of place in a Aston Martin.
The LG Flex 2 had obvious influence on the G4’s design, with many early rumours suggesting that the G4 would share the same deep curved display.
The unusual leather covering is very striking and bares a resemblance to the Moto X wooden texture backing. No doubt the LG has a fair amount of power in its latest flagship too and hopefully it will gain the same accolade as it’s predecessor, taking on the iPhone for best phone of 2014.

As well as the beautifully designed we’ve also seen the lazily designed flagships mainly in shape of the HTC ONE (m9). That’s not to say that the m9 is an ugly phone, it’s just the same as last year’s model and well….we’ve seen that for the past year.

The looks and feel of a flagship device are just as important if not more than the specs or software. A lot of money is invested in the device and the last thing customers want is something that looks like the previous model. By all means have a style and stick to it – an iPhone is easily recognised – but don’t churn out the same design – no doubt this year’s iPhone 6S will have the same body as the 6.
2015 is looking bright from a design perspective and hopefully we’ll see a few more beautifully designed devices be they flagships or not.

What are your favourites so far?

The Year of Beautiful Tech – Phones 2015
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